Thursday, February 7, 2013

Revive: Craft Room

Confession: the craft room is the one room in our house I just don't love. While our house is far from finished, other rooms have progressed much faster than the craft room. I think it might be the fact that it is our catch-all room, while I do call this my "craft room", it is also a guest room, extra storage, and an all-around hobby room. While my sewing machine holds a permeant spot in the room, the closet is also filled with my husbands hunting clothes and random sporting goods. Hence the "hobby" room. 

The walls haven't been painted and the room has quite the assortment of furniture, including an old dresser, a lovely parson desk, and storage cubes.  We also have a futon, while a very nice futon, futons just don't have the character of a comfy couch, or nicely made bed. So, what does this all come down to? A great project! I am so thankful to have a space I can fill with crafts and not have to worry about putting away a project that is not yet finished, but the room needs some love! Here are a few inspirations I am drawing from for this project: 

I love all of the storage and shelving ideas. It seems to be a common thread throughout my inspiration. 

I also love the combination of whites and neutrals with pops of green. My craft room right now is currently heading that way, it just hasn't come together! We have a clean lined desk and storage cubes, with green pillows on the futon. We also have a great navy blue patterned rug. My ideal wall color would be crisp white or clean green, but we will see when I pick it out! I will post some pictures of the room now later, just to mark the progress that is to come!
With Love,
Katie M.
PS- My mom is in the same process so it should be fun to see how they both turn out! I will keep you updated!


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